My buyer-client is very confused and worried about this note, because they cannot afford to buy the home without a loan.

Is the buyer obligated to buy the property even if they can't get a loan?

QUESTION: In the updated Offer to Purchase and Contract (Form 2-T), there is a new “Note” under paragraph 4(a) that says: “NOTE: Buyer’s obligation to purchase the Property is not contingent on obtaining a Loan. Therefore, Buyer is advised to consult with Buyer’s lender prior to signing this offer to assure that the Due Diligence Period allows sufficient time for the appraisal to be completed and for Buyer’s lender to provide Buyer sufficient information to decide whether to proceed with or terminate the transaction.”

My buyer-client is very confused and worried about this note, because they cannot afford to buy the home without a loan. So, in their eyes, the contract is contingent on their obtaining a loan. What does this note mean and what should I tell them?




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