I’m representing the seller in a deal that is about to close. The parties used the Offer to Purchase and Contract (form 2-T) to ...

Legal Q&A | Who gets to keep the utility shed?

QUESTION: I’m representing the seller in a deal that is about to close. The parties used the Offer to Purchase and Contract (form 2-T) to put the property under contract. There’s a small utility building in the back yard that the seller told me he’d bought to keep his lawnmower and some garden equipment in. It’s sitting on a few concrete blocks. The seller said the reason he never put it on a permanent foundation was because he thought he would take it with him when he sold the property, and he assumes he will be able to do so. I told him that since it wasn’t permanently affixed to the property and since he had intended to take it with him at the time he put it in the back yard, it was personal property that he was entitled to keep. Can you please confirm that I am correct?

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: It’s time to renew your license

As of May 15, you are now able to renew your North Carolina real estate license. While many of you have already done this, we wanted to provide you more information about one of the changes in this year’s process. As a result of recent legislative action (NCGS § 143-765), the Commission is required to ask brokers a question regarding employee misclassification. The question asks you to certify that you have not had a case related to employee misclassification brought against you before the North Carolina Industrial Commission. While this may seem confusing, it likely only affects a very small percentage of real estate licensees or even the public at large. For more information about this question, watch this step-by-step video tutorial, or visit the NC Real Estate Commission’s website.

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NC REALTORS® Offices Closing for Holiday

Please note: NC REALTORS® offices will be closed Monday, May 28 in observance of Memorial Day.