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Politics (and cat videos)

While this may seem like an awkward title for a section intended to provide insight into the week’s activities at the General Assembly and important policy issues, it is called “Politics (and Cat Videos)" for a specific reason. We want to make sure that when we provide key information for your business and industry, that we also provide a fun break. What better break than some fun cat (or other animal) videos.


  • The General Assembly convened their short session last Wednesday, May 16.
  • Legislators don’t expect to remain in Raleigh very long, with an expected adjournment before the July 4 holiday.


SHORT SESSION: The legislative short session is a quick way to refer to the legislative session which occurs in even-numbered years. Typically convening in the spring (April/May), the session lasts only a couple months, therein designating it as the “short session”, compared to the odd-numbered long session which can last for multiple months.


In this section, we will highlight the current status of NC REALTORS® Legislative Priorities.

Private Roads [House Bill 457]: Referred to the Senate Rules Committee (April 10, 2017)

Private Process Servers [House Bill 706]: Referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee (June 8, 2017)

Budget Priorities—The 2018 budget [Senate Bill 99] will be released on Monday (May 28)


As promised, please enjoy this summer-themed cat video.


This section will highlight the work of NC REALTORS PAC®, including its current investment total, upcoming fundraisers, and recognition of members and associations for their work in support of the NC REALTORS PAC®. It will also provide an opportunity to make your investment in the best insurance for your business.

[50% of our $815,200 goal]



During the NAR Legislative Meetings, we were proud to have seven members inducted into the NAR RPAC Hall of Fame and numerous local associations recognized for their 2017 achievements with the NAR Local RPAC Triple Crown and Presidents Cup awards. Congratulations to everyone!


#NARLegislative Wrap UP

Last week, more than 190 NC REALTORS® from across the state travelled to Washington, D.C. to take part in the annual NAR Legislative Meetings. During the week, attendees heard important updates from federal government officials including Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney, and FEMA Director Brock Long. They also participated in many of NAR’s important decision-making committees and learned more about new issues facing our business and industry.

On Wednesday, attendees went to Capitol Hill to meet with the members of our Congressional delegation to advocate for important REALTOR® priorities. Check out a complete list of the NAR priorities on the NC REALTORS® NAR Legislative Meeting page.

Thank you to everyone who attended!!



We are less than 2 weeks away from NC REALTORS® Legislative Meetings in Raleigh. This is your opportunity to speak with your legislators on important issues for your clients, your business, and our industry. Register here.

Check out the complete schedule of events.

And download the Legislative Meetings app on your mobile device for up-to-the-minute event updates and meeting materials.

Be on the look-out for special announcements next week about our speaker for Tuesday’s Legislative Forum and other special guests.

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