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Politics (and cat videos)

This week was extremely active at the General Assembly. We loved having REALTORS® from across the state in Raleigh to advocate for our important priorities. Now for some important information and a little bit of fun!


  • On Wednesday, Governor Roy Cooper vetoed Senate Bill 99 (“2018 Appropriations Act”). On Thursday, the Senate overrode the veto by a vote of 34-13. The House is expected to hold an override vote early next week.
  • Legislators remain on their announced adjournment timeline and are expected to wrap up their business by the end of June.
  • The first constitutional amendment proposal of this year has been filed which would require voters to present photo identification at the polls.


VETO: In 1996, North Carolina became the last state in the U.S. to amend its constitution to grant the Governor the ability to veto a piece of legislation approved by the General Assembly. Unlike in other states who have the veto power, the Governor must veto the entire bill and cannot use a tool referred to as a line-item veto, allowing them to veto portions of the legislation. To override a Governor’s veto, both chambers must pass motions which are approved by three-fifths of the members present. In the General Assembly, that means that 72 House members and 30 Senate members would have to vote in favor of overriding the motion. At this time, both chambers have legislative representation which grants them “veto-proof” majorities.


In this section, we will highlight the current status of NC REALTORS® Legislative Priorities.

House Bill 1040 “Amend Sum Eject Service/Allow Process Server.” —Passed the House Judiciary 3 Committee on Wednesday; the bill will be heard by the full House of Representatives on Monday, June 11

House Bill 933 “Reciprocity/School Psychologist Licensure.” —This bill includes the association health plan language which was discussed in this week’s Legislative Day Talking Points. It was heard for discussion only in the Senate Healthcare Committee. It is expected to be voted on by the committee early next week.


Since this section is both about politics and fun videos, we wanted to let you see both sides of the argument. So here is a dog video!



A big thank you to the hundreds of REALTORS® from across the state who joined us in Raleigh for this week’s NC REALTORS® Legislative Meetings and Legislative Day. This week was filled with so many great events and opportunities for REALTOR® advocacy that we will be filling you in for many weeks to come on the results.

On Tuesday, we were very fortunate to be joined by Secretary Larry Hall from the NC Department of Military and Veterans Affairs for a great discussion about how REALTORS® can assist our state’s military personnel and veterans. This is the first of what we are sure will be many conversations, so be on the lookout for more information.

Wednesday’s Legislative Day advocacy focused on three important NC REALTORS® priorities: improving the state’s infrastructure, supporting property managers, and providing affordable healthcare for small businesses and independent contractors. Check out the complete talking points.

Thank you to everyone who attended Tuesday night’s Major Investor reception during NC REALTORS® Legislative Meetings. It was an awesome gathering of our strongest supporters and we were very happy to see numerous people increase their investments in NC REALTORS® PAC!
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