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  • The both chambers have been moving at a rapid pace, with the goal to be completed with the bulk of their work by the end of this week (likely by publishing time).
  • Adjournment is expected to occur sometime in the next seven to ten days.
  • To date, two new constitutional amendments have been received discussion or hearings: House Bill 1092 (“Require Photo Id to Vote) was introduced last week in the House and Senate Bill 75 (Max income tax rate of 5.5%), which was introduced last year, received a favorable vote in the House Finance Committee.


MOTION TO CONCUR: In short, this is an agreement by one chamber to accept the changes made by the other chamber to a bill which didn't originate there. Here’s an example: The House presents and passes a bill. Then the bill goes to the Senate, where they make a bunch of different changes and then pass it. The bill returns to the House since it is different than what it was when it left there to allow for agreement or opposition to the changes that were made. A motion to concur or not concur is a debatable, but not amendable motion. If the chamber chooses to concur with the changes, then the new bill passes. If a motion to not concur is approved, then the bill goes into a conference committee to allow for the differences between the chambers to be resolved.


In this section, we will highlight the current status of NC REALTORS® Legislative Priorities and other bills of interest.

**Note: At the time of publication, the General Assembly was still in session. The listing of bills may be incomplete due to pending actions.

H1029 “DOT/DMV Legislative Requests”—This legislation includes language which resolves the issues found last year with a NCDOT proposal to remove the requirements for an appraisal in small value right-of-way acquisition. NC REALTORS® objected with the language which was included in the 2017 Appropriations Act leading to a study earlier this year. We reached an agreement with NCDOT through the removal of “appraisal” wording in the proposal and renaming it “right-of-way claim report”. The bill passed the Senate on Thursday but was not concurred to in the House due to issues with other parts of the bill. It will now move to a conference committee.

S224 “Landlord Recovery of Expenses/Rule 60 Motion”—This bill provides needed clarification for property managers and apartment managers related to the recovery of out-of-pocket expenses in summary ejectment cases. It is in response to recent lawsuits challenging the ability of property managers to recover costs like attorney’s fees, filing fees, and service fees. The bill passed the House 106-3 on Wednesday and was concurred to by the Senate 42-0 on Thursday. The bill now goes to the Governor.

House Bill 933 “Reciprocity/School Psychologist Licensure”—This bill includes the association health plan and small employer health insurance language supported by NC REALTORS®. It was approved by the Senate on Wednesday and Thursday with bipartisan support, but the conference motion failed in the House late Thursday night.


This week has definitely been a battle on many of our important priorities. Let’s see how cats battle an ominous foe: BALLOONS!


NAR Call For Action: Reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

On Monday (June 18), NAR will launch an all-member Call for Action targeting the United States House of Representatives and Senate to ask that they reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). If Congress fails to take action, the NFIP will expire on July 31.

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NFIP reauthorization has been a core NAR priority and has been under constant pressure, with seventeen program extensions and two shutdowns in the past four years. It is extremely important that the NFIP is reauthorized, as every day that it is not active at least 1,400 transactions are not able to occur.

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