My client made an offer on a property that is listed by a large company that buys homes from individuals and then . . .

Legal Q&A | What should a broker do with a non-standard contract addendum?

QUESTION: My client made an offer on a property that is listed by a large company that buys homes from individuals and then immediately turns around and resells them. A representative of the large company countered my buyer’s offer, and the counteroffer included a non-standard addendum that appears to change many of the terms of the Standard Form 2-T (Offer to Purchase and Contract). The changes include per day late fees for failing to close on the settlement date, a limit on the time in which a party must respond to repair requests, an agreement to use a closing attorney selected by the seller, and a provision granting the seller the right to cancel if the property is subject to a “prior contract.”

My buyer is asking me whether they should sign the addendum and accept the counteroffer. What should I tell them?

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Changes to a number of residential, commercial and property management forms in the NC REALTORS® forms library took effect July 1. Review the recent forms changes here.

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