The property is located in an area that has suffered severe flooding in the wake of Hurricane Florence. Fortunately, the property escaped any damage.

Legal Q&A | Does a natural disaster affect parties’ rights under a contract?

QUESTION: I represent a seller who is under contract using the Offer to Purchase and Contract (Form 2-T). The property is located in an area that has suffered severe flooding in the wake of Hurricane Florence. Fortunately, the property escaped any damage. The Settlement Date was early in the week before the hurricane made landfall, but the lender has delayed funding the loan until satisfactory evidence has been provided showing that the property has not been materially damaged by the hurricane and its aftermath, and the insurance company has also delayed in committing to issue a homeowners policy to the buyer. My seller has asked me if he will be able to terminate the contract and keep the earnest money deposit if the loan doesn’t get funded before the 14-day delay period has passed and the buyer can’t close. What do you think?


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