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As REALTORS® from across the country gather in Boston for the 2018 REALTOR® Convention and Expo, many of the NC REALTORS® Government Affairs team are joining them. Due to this, the REALTOR® Advocate will be shorter than normal.


There are less than 24 hours left in this year’s early voting period and we have loved seeing many NC REALTORS® #ShowingTheirSticker. Thank you to everyone who has already made your voice heard in this year’s elections!

Given the multitude of perspectives on the six constitutional amendments which will appear on this year’s ballot, we have updated our information guide to include links to many of those group’s information. Check out the guide. 

The NC REALTORS® Early Voting Guide is still a great resource for information about which candidates who received NC REALTORS® PAC support, as well as how you can find out what will appear on your ballot and what early voting sites are open in your area.

We will be distributing our Election Day version on Monday night for those planning to vote on Tuesday.


We know that everyone loves posting pictures with their “I voted sticker” to show their friends that they cast their ballot. We do too! To show everyone that #REALTORSVote, include the hashtag #NCREALTORSVote with your picture.

ISSUE UPDATE: Association Health Plans

Thank you to the more than 200 NC REALTORS® who have engaged with us on our Facebook group and who have taken our survey. Your input is invaluable as we continue to examine the rising costs of health care in North Carolina and the impact that is having on independent contractors like REALTORS® significant issues.

While we have gotten a lot of great information, WE STILL NEED YOUR INPUT!

1) TAKE OUR SURVEY! Results of this survey will be used to help inform our decision-making about what coverage may be needed to best serve members.

2) We need to hear your stories. You have two options to submit stories:
a. Join the closed NC REALTORS® Talk Health Insurance group
b. Send an email to Seth Palmer.



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