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In most areas across the state, Tuesday’s elections capped off an unusually busy mid-term election cycle. However, because of high turnout and close elections in multiple area, it appears we will have to wait for final results in many races. Included below is a quick analysis of this year’s election results and how many of our REALTOR® champions fared.

2018 Elections Wrap-Up

The 2018 elections capped off one of the busiest and most expensive midterm cycles in history. While we did not have any top of the ticket races this year, that didn't diminish turnout or the amount of money.

Based on current data, more than 3.7 million North Carolinians cast a ballot in this year’s election. At 52% participation by the electorate, 2018 has eclipsed previous high-water marks for midterm turnout and put it close to Presidential election marks. This turnout number is expected to increase further as absentee and provisional ballots are tabulated.

With respect to the amount of money spent in this election cycle, our state was home to two of the most expensive Congressional races in the country (Districts 2 and 9). We also saw significant expenditures in state legislative races, but it will be a few months before we know the full extent.

You can see the results from every election across the state on the NC State Board of Elections results tracker.

This year’s elections also saw six constitutional amendments and multiple local bonds added to the ballot. The six constitutional amendments ranged in topic from protection of hunting and fishing to requiring identification to vote and restructuring the process for judicial appointment. We discussed each of these proposed amendments in a recent REALTOR® Advocate article. Each of these amendments faced their own respective champions and opposition. When the final results were tabulated, four of the six amendments passed, with the amendments focusing on judicial appointments and the restructuring of the state Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement failing.

In the local bond arena, NC REALTORS® and local associations offered support of many of the funding proposals. Most notably, the NC REALTORS® Issues Mobilization Committee provided funding to support the Wake County School Bond (Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS®) and the City of Charlotte bonds (Charlotte Regional REALTOR® Association).

NC REALTORS® PAC Supported Candidates

Focusing specifically on the races of REALTOR® champions and those who were supported by NAR RPAC and NC REALTORS® PAC, here are the results:

Check out the lists of the NAR RPAC and NC REALTORS® PAC supported candidates here:

**These documents will be updated to reflect the election results in these races once results are certified.

We are pleased to inform you that all 12 NAR RPAC supported candidates in the US House for North Carolina won their races, giving us a 100% success rate.

As of today, 102 of the 114 (89.5%) NC REALTORS® PAC supported candidates for the North Carolina General Assembly won their races. Due to recounts in many of these races, this data is subject to change and will be updated once final results are certified.

In the state Senate, 86% of our RPAC funded candidates won their races and in the state House, 91% of our RPAC funded candidates won their races.

Next Steps

After every election, the biggest question is what do the results mean? Some of these questions have already been answered, but many more remain open-ended. We do know that the General Assembly’s dynamic will be changing for the 2019-2020 session due to gains made by Democrats which broke the Republican’s supermajorities in both chambers.

Important to note is that the General Assembly will be returning for their final session of the 2017-2018 term on November 27 where it is expected that they will address numerous topics including, but not limited to additional disaster response funds and language implementing the four constitutional amendments which were passed on Tuesday.

Over the coming weeks, the NC REALTORS® Government Affairs team will be digesting the results, engaging with key stakeholders, and analyzing what opportunities may be there for action on key priorities. Make sure that you follow the REALTOR® Advocate for additional insights.

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