I'm referring a customer to a REALTOR® located in another part of North Carolina . . .

Legal Q&A | Do referral fees have to be disclosed to a customer?

QUESTION: I'm referring a customer to a REALTOR® located in another part of North Carolina where the customer is moving. I have just gotten into the business and this is the first referral I've made. I'm filling out the Referral Agreement (form 730) and I have a question. There are checkboxes on the form to indicate whether or not the Prospect is aware of the referral. I have disclosed the referral to my customer but I am not sure if that's all I have to disclose. I reviewed the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and Article 6 says that although REALTORS® have an ethical duty to disclose to a client or customer any financial benefit or fees the REALTOR® or REALTOR®'s firm may receive as a result of a recommendation for a real estate product or service, real estate referral fees are specifically exempt from the disclosure requirement. Am I correct that I do not have to disclose to my customer that I expect to receive a referral fee?


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