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Following a brief break, the REALTOR® Advocate returns this week with analysis of the on-going legislative session, a preview of important 2019 events, and a last-minute push to help us achieve our NC REALTORS® PAC goals.


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Politics (and cat videos)

Yes, it is true; the General Assembly remains in session. Their current session is actually an extension of the annual short session and not a true “special session.” Over the past two weeks, legislators have met to discuss multiple items. They will likely remain in session until later next week due to the ten-day consideration period for the Governor (i.e., the “veto clock”).


  • The General Assembly convened their session on November 27 and have met in both committees and general sessions to address legislation ranging from authorizing language for the voter id constitutional amendment to additional disaster relief funds and local bills.
  • In their disaster relief package, legislators approved an additional $300 million in funds to support local communities affected by Hurricanes Florence and Michael. They also provided additional allowances for farmers to receive aid for lost crops and livestock.
  • Legislators also addressed potential economic development projects, increasing the allowances under the Job Development Infrastructure Grant (JDIG) program for higher wage companies.


As the legislative session winds closer to the end of the year, the question has been asked: when do the terms of legislators actually end following an election year? By state law the terms of all state-level elected officials end on December 31 of their final term year. This means that for a legislator who was sworn in for a two-year term in 2017 (i.e., elected in the 2016 election), their term will end at midnight December 31, 2018. The situation is the same regardless of whether or not that individual was reelected in that year’s elections. All terms start anew at 12:01 on January 1 of the next year. Elected officials do have the option to be sworn in at this time, but many wait until later in January (example: first day of the legislative session on January 8).


Want a deeper dive into the election results and their impact on NC REALTORS® Legislative Priorities? Or a look at what might be on the horizon for next year’s legislative session? Invite an NC REALTORS® lobbyist to your next association or brokerage meeting through the Lobbyist at Your Door program. Email Seth Palmer to schedule.


With winter weather in the forecast for much of the state this weekend, let’s see how some furry friends deal with it…


2019 Events

Check out this list of important NC REALTORS® events for 2019.

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