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As 2018 comes to a close, we take this opportunity to look back on the year in Government Affairs. This year has been extremely eventful for all of our programs and our successes have been thanks to the participation of members from across the state. We are already ramping up programs and plans for making 2019 bigger and better than ever, so make sure to stay tuned.

This will be the last REALTOR® Advocate for 2018. Thank you for buying in to this new concept for disseminating important information about our activities and how you can get more engaged. We will return in January.

On behalf of the entire NC REALTORS® Government Affairs Department, we wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

By the Numbers: NC REALTORS® PAC

NC REALTORS® PAC 2018 raised $846,523 reaching 104% of our $815,200 goal this year! We exceeded our goal and this year proved to be THE MOST successful fundraising year in NC REALTORS® history.

Here’s how those numbers break down:

  • We raised $30,000 more than 2017.
  • We have 1,346 more investors than 2017 and grew from 28 to 29% participation.
  • 5,543 members are NEW investors.
  • We have 239 major investors and ending the year with 5 more than 2017. 55 are NEW major investors this year and 8 of those 55 didn't give anything to RPAC in 2017.
  • We ended the year with 34 President’s Circle members, exceeding our goal of 27!
  • 34 local associations hit goal and 30 hit their Triple Crown goals, 8 more than 2017.
  • 17 local associations hit President’s Cup goals!
  • Two local associations hit 100% participation: Washington Beaufort and Topsail Island!!!!

Legislative Year in Review

While legislative sessions during even years are normally “short”, this year’s session has lasted much longer than normal. Throughout the year, NC REALTORS® has been able to accomplish numerous legislative priorities, as well as made positive progress on long-term policy changes.

Check out the 2018 NC REALTORS® Legislative Priority Wrap-up.

Politics but no cat video

**As an early Christmas present, the Cat Videos will take a break in this edition.


  • The General Assembly remains in session, with a vote expected next week to override the Governor’s expected veto of House Bill 1029 which makes changes to the state’s elections law and the Elections Board make-up.
  • Earlier this week, both chambers overrode the Governor’s veto of Senate Bill 824 which sets out the implementation structure for the Voter Id constitutional amendment which was approved during the 2018 election.


In the June 22 edition of the REALTOR® Advocate, we provided you with a definition of “Adjournment Sine Die.” Here it is again for a refresher:

ADJOURNMENT SINE DIE: The desired outcome of all legislative biennia, adjournment sine die is the final action of a two-year session. Latin for “without a day”, adjournment sine die signals that the General Assembly has completed all of its work for the biennium has been completed and will return at some point in the following year. No date is provided in a sine die adjournment because it allows the incoming leadership of the body to set it following the November elections.

While this has yet to happen, adjournment sine die will occur sometime in the next ten days. By law, the 2017-2018 legislature will end at midnight on December 31. Even though action of adjournment sine die is “without a date”, we do know that the 2019-2020 General Assembly will convene for an organizational session on January 9 and will begin their formal work later in the month.

2019-2020 NC REALTORS® Legislative Targets and Opportunities
As we look forward to the next year’s session, the Legislative Committee and Government Affairs staff have pulled together the 2019-2020 NC REALTORS® Legislative Targets and Opportunities plan of work. Included in this document are key legislative action items, as well as areas that we plan to work on for the coming year.

2019-2020 NC REALTORS® Legislative Targets and Opportunities

Last week, we also hosted a webinar for AEs and GADs on the 2019-2020 NC REALTORS® Legislative Targets and Opportunities. You can find a link to that presentation below. Be on the lookout for more webinars in 2019 too!
AE and GAD presentation: 2019-2020 NC REALTORS® Legislative Targets and Opportunities


Want a deeper dive into the election results and their impact on NC REALTORS® Legislative Priorities? Or a look at what might be on the horizon for next year’s legislative session? Invite an NC REALTORS® lobbyist to your next association or brokerage meeting through the Lobbyist at Your Door program. Email Seth Palmer to schedule.

2019 Events

Check out this list of important NC REALTORS® events for 2019.

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