Yesterday, I received an offer on Standard Form 2-T for one of my listings. My clients liked all the terms of the offer except . . .

Legal Q&A | Counteroffers and the Effective Date in Standard Form 2-T

QUESTION: Yesterday, I received an offer on Standard Form 2-T for one of my listings. My clients liked all the terms of the offer except that they wanted to be able to stay in the property for six weeks after closing. My clients signed the offer, and I called the buyer’s agent to let them know that my clients had signed and that we would soon be sending over a Seller Possession After Closing Agreement (Standard Form 2A8-T). The buyer’s agent said that would be fine, and that the buyers would agree to my client’s staying six weeks after closing.

Today, I delivered a signed Standard Form 2A8-T, and the buyer’s agent just told me that his clients will not sign. I told him that the sellers would just put the house back on the market, but the buyer’s agent told me that I could not market the property since we are under contract. Can I market the property or not?


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