This week’s edition is a bit shorter than normal due to the Easter holiday. We will return with a full email next week.

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What’s in this edition?

  1. Happening on Jones Street
  2. Inside Baseball: Crossover
  3. Do you want to be on a Board or Commission?
  4. Lobbyist at your door
Happening on Jones Street

What’s on the General Assembly’s mind this week?

While both chambers have entered their spring break, they have both completed a significant amount of work this week. When legislators return, there will only be a couple of weeks left before crossover. This means that there will likely be a significant amount of bills heard in committees over the next few weeks, including on many REALTOR® priorities.

We will have a complete follow-up of the status of legislation in next week’s edition.

Inside Baseball: Crossover

Explaining important terms in government affairs

After a brief hiatus, we have revived the “inside Baseball” section to give readers an insider’s look at important terms and processes which make up our political process and government affairs.

As referenced above, we are in the lead up to a time known as CROSSOVER. Put simply, the legislative crossover deadline is the day by which all pieces of legislation must be passed by the chamber of origin in order to be eligible for consideration for the remainder of the session. The only major exception to the deadline is the budget which is handled through a separate process. The days in advance of the crossover deadline are usually extremely busy with wall-to-wall committee meetings as legislators work to get their bills heard and to the floor for votes.

The crossover deadline is set at the opening of each legislative long session and only takes place in that year. It is set by rules in each chamber so it can be adjusted as needed.

The 2019 Crossover Deadline is Thursday, May 9.

So, you want to be on a Board or Commission?

Apply for a recommendation from NC REALTORS®

Each year, the 400+ state boards and commissions spanning all topic areas need new members. Since NC REALTORS® are knowledgeable in both in your industry, as well as involved in other important issues for our state their service on these various boards and commissions is important. NC REALTORS® regularly offers our recommendation for members who are interested in serving through an application process.

This year, important vacancies exist on the NC Real Estate Commission, NC Appraisal Board, and many others. You can find a complete list of current board/commission vacancies on the Governor’s website.

To apply for a recommendation from NC REALTORS®, please complete the application. We also ask that you submit a current resume, as well as a statement of interest. Please email those additional documents to Seth Palmer.

The application deadline for the second recommendation cycle is Friday, May 3. Additional application cycles may be opened later in the year.

Lobbyist at your door

Invite NC REALTORS® Government Affairs staff to your next meeting

With summer membership meeting season kicking off, NC REALTORS® is reopening the Lobbyist at your Door program. This program allows you the opportunity to invite a member of the NC REALTORS® Government Affairs team to your next local association or brokerage meeting. Attendees will get the inside scoop on what is going on in Raleigh and how the decisions of elected officials impact your business, your clients, and your industry.

Interested? Email Seth Palmer to get on the calendar.

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