I listed a property for sale that was owned by several individuals. We received an offer for the property and . . .

Legal Q&A | How do I document changes involving the parties named in a pending contract?

QUESTION: I listed a property for sale that was owned by several individuals. We received an offer for the property and the offer was quickly accepted. Prior to closing, it was brought to my attention that a mistake had been made in naming one of the property owners. The parties are willing to amend the contract to correct that error. Can we do so by striking though the incorrect name, adding the correct name, and then getting all the parties to initial that change?


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That’s Who We R® | NAR campaign to define and elevate REALTOR® status

Helping consumers understand why working with a REALTOR® is the best choice for this life-changing transaction goes way back to 1913. That’s when the National Association of REALTORS® began to set their members apart by adopting a Code of Ethics that still guides the business decisions of 1.3M REALTORS® today. It’s the Code of Ethics that helped to inspire the new campaign, “That’s Who We R®”. The campaign will demonstrate the value of a REALTOR®, distinguish REALTORS® from the rest, and deliver a sense of pride in being a REALTOR®.

NC REALTORS® are The Smart Move™

The Smart Move NC campaign is designed to encourage consumers to utilize an NC REALTOR® in the buying and selling process. The campaign also promotes homeownership and the positive impact it has on families, communities and the economy.

The Smart Move™ website, Facebook page and Twitter account are full of helpful information and tips that home buyers and sellers can use before, during and after purchasing or selling their home.

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