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  1. Happening on Jones Street
  2. #HowDoYouBackthePAC?
  3. NC REALTORS® elected to board leadership posts
  4. NC REALTORS® Vote
  5. Meet the Government Affairs Team
  6. Join the NC Property Rights Fund Board of Directors
  7. Lobbyist at Your Door 2.0
Happening on Jones Street

Though legislators were in town again this week, it turned out to be a generally quiet week on Jones Street. The Senate did continue their work on the “mini-budget” proposals, including one which contained a couple of REALTOR Legislative Priorities.

On Thursday, the Senate approved an updated version of House Bill 399 "Historic Preservation Act of 2019".

The bill now includes all "non-controversial tax provisions" from the budget bill, including: State income tax conforming to federal law; Economic development incentives (JDIG, JMAC and the OneNC grant); Extension of the Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits until 2024; and Reinstatement of the Mill Rehabilitation tax credit for a specific project.

The legislation must now return to the House for a concurrence vote before it is sent to the Governor.

Both chambers will not be meeting until at least October 21.


October 3rd was NC REALTORS® PAC’s Second Annual #iBackthePAC Day and it was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who showed their support by using our #iBackthePAC Facebook profile frame & by posting about why they #BackthePAC on social media.

Check out this video from the Central Carolina Association of REALTORS® sharing why they are investors and #BackthePAC!

THANK YOU to each of our members who support our advocacy efforts by investing in NC REALTORS® PAC. We appreciate all of you and everything you do to advocate for private property rights and the real estate industry by #BackingthePAC!

NC REALTORS® elected to board leadership posts

Two NC REALTORS® have been elected as chair of two important state boards for our industry. Connie Corey was elected to serve as Chair of the North Carolina Home Inspectors Licensure Board and Lisa York was elected as the Chair of the North Carolina Auctioneers Board. Congratulations to both on this honor and thank you for your service to our industry!



In many communities across the state, the 2019 elections are just weeks away. But even if you don't have any elections this year, the 2020 primary is only six months away. The REALTOR® voice is vital in every election, so every NC REALTORS® member must be registered to vote.

39,262 NC REALTORS® (86.8 percent) members are registered to vote in North Carolina. While that is an impressive achievement, that still means that thousands of you are not currently registered to cast a ballot in the state. We are starting a concerted effort to help get us to 100% registered.

You can check your voter registration on the NC State Board of elections website. There you can also access the voter registration form too!


Meet the Government Affairs Team

Learn a little more about all of the great people working for you and with you

In this new section, we will feature profiles of each of the members of the NC REALTORS® Government Affairs team. We will be going in order from our newest employees to those who have been on the team for many years. This week, you get the chance to meet the Director of Regulatory Affairs and External Communications, Seth Palmer. HINT: He is also the primary author/editor of the REALTOR® Advocate.

NAME Seth Palmer
TITLE Director of Regulatory Affairs and External Communications
HOMETOWN Wilmington, NC
ALMA MATER North Carolina State University
FAVORITE QUOTE OR SOMETHING THAT INSPIRES YOU “It’s very important in life to know when to shut up.”—Alex Trebek
FAVORITE MOVIE The Shawshank Redemption
WHY DID YOU WANT TO JOIN THE NC REALTORS® TEAM? Having seen the work of the NC REALTORS® team while on staff at the General Assembly, I had a great deal of respect for the reputation which had been built by a lot of great leaders. So, when the opportunity came to join the team, I jumped at it.
FUN FACT ABOUT YOURSELF I have a picture of Michael Jordan holding me when I was a baby because my dad was one of his high school basketball coaches.


Join the NC Property Rights Fund Board of Directors

Accepting applications for at-large director

The NC REALTORS® PAC Trustees are now accepting applications from interested persons that wish to serve on the NC Property Rights Fund, INC., as an at-large director for a two-year term. It has been the practice of the NC REALTORS® PAC Trustees to select nominees based on "political acumen," meaning the person shall be defined as having substantial and varied political experience in the form of prior service within the REALTOR® organization as an NC REALTORS® PAC Trustee, a Federal Political Coordinator, Legislative Committee member or Statewide Leadership. Additional qualifications can include demonstrated support of NC REALTORS® PAC as a significant contributor, involvement and/or service on a political campaign as either a candidate or a volunteer, or service on a government board or commission.

Applications are due by Monday, December 2. You can find the application here.

Lobbyist at your Door 2.0

As we move into the fall meeting schedule, we wanted to revamp our Lobbyist at Your Door program to provide local associations and brokerages with some new opportunities to learn more about all of the services provided by the NC REALTORS® Government Affairs Department. From the goings-on at the General Assembly (FYI, they are still in session), the 2020 election season, or even how you can get more involved with our work on issues affecting your clients, your business, and your industry, we want to provide this resource to you. Contact Seth Palmer to get your association or office on our schedule. And keep watching for additional educational offerings through this and other Department programs.

Contributions to RPAC are not deductible for federal or state income tax purposes. Contributions are voluntary and are used for political purposes. Suggested amounts are merely guidelines and you may contribute more or less than the suggested amounts. The National Association of REALTORS® and its state and local associations will not favor or disadvantage any member because of the amount contributed or a decision not to contribute. You may refuse to contribute without reprisal. Your contribution is split between National RPAC and the State PAC in your state. NC RPAC supports the efforts of National RPAC and contributes a portion of its contributions to National RPAC. Contact your State Association or PAC for information about the percentages of your contribution provided to National RPAC and to the State PAC. The National RPAC portion is used to support federal candidates and is charged against your limits under 52 U.S.C. 30116. In-kind contributions/donations are not included for the purposes of the National RPAC State PAC split. NC law requires political committees to report the name, mailing address, job title or profession and name of employer or employee's specific field for each individual whose contributions aggregate is in excess of $50 in an election cycle. Contributions can only be accepted from individuals in the form of personal checks or credit cards. Contributions from corporations or business entities cannot be accepted. This solicitation was paid for by NC RPAC.
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