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In the coming weeks, the REALTOR® Advocate is going to take a short hiatus to allow us to do a little bit of housekeeping and give our editorial team time to create some new content. Don’t worry, we will give you fair warning before the break. And when we return, be on the lookout for some great new features and an updated look.

What’s in this edition?

  1. Happening on Jones Street
  2. Global Goes Platinum
  3. Meet the Government Affairs Team
  4. Lobbyist at Your Door 2.0
Happening on Jones Street

After more than 10 months in almost perpetual session, the General Assembly appears to be in the beginning stages of wrapping things up. Senate leadership has focused on an adjournment date of October 31, but the House leadership remains a little less clear. So, what that definitely means is that there will be more than a chance of candy and pumpkins in the halls of the legislature.

When legislators returned this week, they continued their work on their “mini budgets”. This week’s proposals focused on tax and finance proposals, including the extension of the state Historic Preservation Tax Credits and modifications to the Film Grant program.
Here is where those bills stand:

  • The conference report including the extension for the Historic Restoration Tax Cuts was passed in House Bill 399 by the House and Senate Thursday and will be sent to the Governor.

  • Senate Bill 578, the legislation extending and altering the Film Grant program, also passed the Senate and was sent to the House.

Next week, legislators are expected to discuss “mini budget” proposals focused on teacher pay and other education appropriations items. They are also awaiting a decision from the three-judge panel on the required redistricting action on the state’s legislative districts. So more is on the table, especially if legislators want to stay on their adjournment schedule.

NC REALTORS® Global Network Receives Award

For the second year in a row, NC REALTORS® Global Network has been awarded the NAR Platinum Achievement Award!

The Platinum Achievement Award is presented to REALTOR® associations that provide the highest level of global services to its members by consistently providing them with the tools they need to handle international real estate and connect with the global community in the area.

Learn More About the Global Network >>
Meet the Government Affairs Team

Learn a little more about all of the great people working for you and with you

In this new section we will feature profiles of each of the members of the NC REALTORS Government Affairs team. We will be going in order from our newest employees to those who have been on the team for many years. For our final week, you get the chance to meet our Director of Political Fundraising, Kristin Nash. 

NAME: Kristin Nash (aka “K Money”)
TITLE: Director of Political Fundraising
HOMETOWN: Burlington, NC
ALMA MATERS: Appalachian State University
FAVORITE QUOTE OR SOMETHING THAT INSPIRES YOU: My inspiration is my Mother. She’s been fighting Ovarian Cancer for four years and her strength, determination and persistence remind me daily to never ever, ever give up!
WHY DID YOU WANT TO JOIN THE NC REALTORS® TEAM?: I joined NC REALTORS® in 2007 as a Marketing Specialist which included managing the REALTOR® Partner Program at the time. I was ready to put my Communications, Public Relations degree to work! I have been very fortunate to grow within NC REALTORS® over the last 12 years and now work in the Government Affairs department raising money to protect the real estate industry through NC REALTORS® PAC. I’ve always said I want to make a difference in someone’s life and in the world, and I truly believe that the work I do for NC REALTORS® does make a difference. 
FUN FACT ABOUT YOURSELF: I make handmade cherry pit packs, I love marching bands and cats.

Lobbyist at your Door 2.0
As we move into the fall meeting schedule, we wanted to revamp our Lobbyist at Your Door program to provide local associations and brokerages with some new opportunities to learn more about all of the services provided by the NC REALTORS® Government Affairs Department. From the goings-on at the General Assembly (FYI, they are still in session), the 2020 election season, or even how you can get more involved with our work on issues affecting your clients, your business, and your industry, we want to provide this resource to you. Contact Seth Palmer to get your association or office on our schedule. And keep watching for additional educational offerings through this and other Department programs.

Contributions to RPAC are not deductible for federal or state income tax purposes. Contributions are voluntary and are used for political purposes. Suggested amounts are merely guidelines and you may contribute more or less than the suggested amounts. The National Association of REALTORS® and its state and local associations will not favor or disadvantage any member because of the amount contributed or a decision not to contribute. You may refuse to contribute without reprisal. Your contribution is split between National RPAC and the State PAC in your state. NC RPAC supports the efforts of National RPAC and contributes a portion of its contributions to National RPAC. Contact your State Association or PAC for information about the percentages of your contribution provided to National RPAC and to the State PAC. The National RPAC portion is used to support federal candidates and is charged against your limits under 52 U.S.C. 30116. In-kind contributions/donations are not included for the purposes of the National RPAC State PAC split. NC law requires political committees to report the name, mailing address, job title or profession and name of employer or employee's specific field for each individual whose contributions aggregate is in excess of $50 in an election cycle. Contributions can only be accepted from individuals in the form of personal checks or credit cards. Contributions from corporations or business entities cannot be accepted. This solicitation was paid for by NC RPAC.
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