A buyer’s agent contacted me today and requested that my seller arrange for the termite inspection to be performed. . .

Legal Q&A | Does the seller have to schedule inspections if the buyer is obtaining a VA loan?

QUESTION: A buyer’s agent contacted me today and requested that my seller arrange for the termite inspection to be performed. The buyer is obtaining a VA loan, and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (“DVA”) has required that a termite inspection be performed at the seller’s expense. Does Form 2A4-T (“FHA/VA Financing Addendum”) require the seller to schedule this inspection and ensure that it is done?


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Nationwide Partner Cancellation

It is with great regret that we share Nationwide Insurance will be closing down its Affinity Program Division effective Jan 1, 2020. Members have until this date to take advantage of the discounted services, and those already using the services will be grandfathered into the ongoing discount for as long as the policy is active. Nationwide has been a staple member of the NC REALTOR® Partner Program for over a decade. We appreciate their support over the years, and wish them well as they move forward.


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We need your loose change! Coins for Caring collection kicks off January 2020

Support your local association’s NC REALTORS® Gives Back Day on June 24 by donating your coins to NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation. From January 1 to April 30, 2020, drop off loose change in the designated container at your local association. Get the whole community involved by inviting family, friends and other organizations to participate. The coins collected during this time will be used to assist local associations with their chosen service projects in June 2020.


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