My client would like to submit an offer on a property that is listed in a neighboring MLS, and . . .

Legal Q&A | What form should I use to confirm compensation with a listing agent outside my MLS?

QUESTION: My client would like to submit an offer on a property that is listed in a neighboring MLS, and I am not a participant in that MLS. The listing agent is demanding that I fill out Form 770 (“Confirmation of Compensation”), but after I read the form, it just did not seem right. Is there a better form to use for this situation?


IMPORTANT ZIPFORM® INFORMATION: All NC REALTORS® have free access to zipForm® Plus (online version). If you are still using zipForm® Standard (desktop version) or other zipLogix products, you may be contacted to renew. If you have any questions on the status of your zipForm® account, please contact zipForm® support at 586-840-0140. Support is available Monday- Friday (24 hours a day) and 10:00am to 10:00pm on weekends and holidays.


Increase in maximum processing fee for returned checks

This past June, the General Assembly enacted Senate Bill 529. The bill amended G.S. 25-3-506 to increase the permitted processing fee that a person who accepts a check in payment for goods or services may charge if the check is returned due to insufficient funds or because the check maker didn’t have an account at the bank on which the check was drawn. The Governor neither signed nor vetoed the Bill, so it became law on July 5, 2019.

The new law increases the permitted maximum processing fee from twenty-five dollars ($25.00) to thirty-five dollars ($35.00). The new law applies to checks dated on or after October 1, 2019.

References to the returned check processing fee near the top of the first page of the Residential Rental Contract (Form 410-T) and in paragraph 5 of the Vacation Rental Agreement (Form 411-T) have been updated. New versions of both forms have been released with revision and copyright dates of November 1, 2019.


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Property Rights Fund, Inc. now accepting applications for at-large director (2020-2021)

The NC REALTORS® PAC Trustees are now accepting applications from interested persons that wish to serve on the NC Property Rights Fund, Inc. as an at-large director for a two-year term. It has been the practice of the NC REALTORS® PAC Trustees to select nominees based on "political acumen," meaning the person shall be defined as having substantial and varied political experience in the form of prior service within the REALTOR® organization as an NC REALTORS® PAC Trustee, a Federal Political Coordinator, Legislative Committee member or statewide leadership. Additional qualifications can include demonstrated support of NC REALTORS® PAC as a significant contributor, involvement and/or service on a political campaign as either a candidate or a volunteer, or service on a government board or commission. Apply now »


NC REALTORS® offices will be closed for Thanksgiving

In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, NC REALTORS® offices will be closed starting Wednesday, November 27 at 1pm through Friday, November 29. We hope you enjoy the holiday and time with family and friends.