Paragraph 8(d) of Standard Form 2-T states: “Seller shall remove, by the date possession is made available to Buyer, . . .

Legal Q&A | Who owns personal property that seller fails to remove?

QUESTION:Paragraph 8(d) of Standard Form 2-T states: “Seller shall remove, by the date possession is made available to Buyer, all personal property which is not a part of the purchase and all garbage and debris from the Property.” Paragraph 6(d) of the Vacant Land contract (Form 12-T) contains a similar provision. If a seller fails to comply with the obligation to remove all non-sold personal property, does any personal property that is left behind automatically become the property of the buyer?


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#ThatsWhoWeR | How did you lead this year?

The ‘That’s Who We R’ campaign shines a spotlight on the value of REALTORS®, and ‘R Stories’ gives you one more way to get involved! Share your story or be inspired by other stories on and on social media.

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N.C. travelers need to obtain a REAL ID by October 2020

Congress passed the REAL ID Act requiring states to issue identification that meets higher security standards. Travelers will need this REAL ID to fly domestically, access federally-owned properties and other locations by October 2020. Without a REAL ID, you will need to contact TSA and each federal facility about the additional identification required for flying and entering military bases, nuclear power plants and other federal facilities. For more information on the REAL ID or how to get one, visit