We recently listed a property for sale in the MLS. A local broker arranged a showing for his buyer-client. . .

Legal Q&A | Can I pay a cooperating commission to a sole proprietor who is not a BIC?

QUESTION: I am the broker-in-charge of my firm. We recently listed a property for sale in the MLS. A local broker (I’ll call him “Bob”) arranged a showing for his buyer-client. Bob submitted an offer and the property is now under contract. As it turns out, Bob is not affiliated with a firm. He is a sole-proprietor. When I looked him up on the Real Estate Commission’s website, I learned that while Bob does have an active license, he has not designated himself as a broker-in-charge and is not even BIC-eligible. Under the circumstances, if the sale closes, is it legal for me to pay Bob the cooperating commission that was offered in our MLS listing?


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