A week ago, my client entered into a contract for the sale of his property. He called me last night . . .

Legal Q&A | Are there limits on a buyer’s right to inspect the seller’s property?

QUESTION: A week ago, my client entered into a contract for the sale of his property. He called me last night sounding hysterical. He said that when he returned home from work, there was a backhoe in his back yard, a huge hole in the ground, and an equally huge pile of dirt. I called the buyer’s agent. She told me that her client had concerns about the location and adequacy of the septic field serving the property and had hired a septic company to conduct a thorough analysis. Is that type of inspection permissible?


#MobileMondays| Listing and Selling the Properties of Recently Deceased Owners

What should the listing agent look out for when the most recent owner of property is deceased? Find out in our next Mobile Mondays’ session with Rick Poe, Attorney/Partner, Lancaster, Trotter & Poe in Charlotte. Catch it live on Monday, March 2 at 1pm and ask Rick your questions on the spot. Sign me up >>

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Podcast | Exclusive interview with your 2020 President, Maren Brisson-Kuester

On our latest episode, hear exclusive excerpts from our Insight Magazine interview with 2020 NC REALTORS® President Maren Brisson-Kuester. Also, NC REALTORS® General Counsel Will Martin talks about a popular topic from our Legal Hotline – how to handle multiple offers.

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