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Hello from a snowy Capital City! While it may be cold outside, things are heating up in the advocacy world with the March 3 Primary only 10 days away. Check out a quick update of all that is going.

What’s in this edition?

  1. Is it Election Day yet?
  2. What else only happens once per decade?
  3. Data Deep Dive—State of Housing Edition
  4. Why are there rules for everything?
Is it Election Day yet?

The countdown continues…

As is evidenced by the number of ads on your television and political mailers in your mailbox, we are in home stretch to the March 3 Primary. Early voting remains open and turnout has been strong across the state. If you have already cast you ballot, THANK YOU! The REALTOR® voice is important in every election so it is important that everyone does their part.

If you haven’t voted yet, Early Voting will be open until Saturday, February 29. And then polls will be open on Election Day from 6:30 AM until 7:30 PM.

Check out a lot of important information, including how to find your polling place and a list of NC REALTORS® PAC-supported candidates at


So make sure you are counted!

As required by the Constitution, every ten years the government conducts a census of the population of the United States. The data collected helps determine the allocation of numerous federal programs, including the how many Members of Congress a state gets. With North Carolina’s population continuing its significant growth our state is poised to gain not only another member of Congress (our 14th delegation member) but also access to more federal dollars. The data is also extremely important for many of the studies conducted by NAR and other researchers.



Have you registered for the State of Real Estate?

Have you ever wondered how researchers determine when there is a “housing crisis”? Or what it really means to discuss the “rate of homeownership”? These and many more are extremely important questions to answer in determining the State of Housing for an area. So, we are going to answer them as we kick off this year’s State of Real Estate conference on September 15 in Durham.

Join NAR’s Vice President of Demographics and Behavioral Insights, Dr. Jessica Lautz and’s Senior Economist, George Ratiu, for a deep dive on all of the data that gives us insights into our state’s housing market.

We are going to be announcing more speakers in the coming weeks, all of which you do not want to miss.



See rule 34(1)(b) for more information

As members of a licensed profession, there are a lot of rules that impact how you do your business. From time to time, those rules are changed by the various entities responsible for them and when they are, you get the chance to comment on if you think the changes are necessary.

Currently, the North Carolina Real Estate Commission has proposed some changes to its rules, specifically those which govern education and real estate schools. Check out the full rule proposal here.

One part of the Commission’s consideration of their proposed rules is a public hearing which will take place on March 18. During this time, members of the public, including real estate licensees, will have the chance to present comments and questions about the rules to Commission members. NC REALTORS® regularly presents during these hearings, offering comments provided by members.

If you would like to provide comments to be included in our presentation, email Seth Palmer, Director of Regulatory Affairs by March 16, 2020.

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