One of my listing agents received a letter of intent drafted by an attorney and signed by a potential buyer.

Legal Q&A | What should I do with a letter of intent?

QUESTION: One of my listing agents received a letter of intent drafted by an attorney and signed by a potential buyer. The buyer is interested in a property that is currently under contract. After reading it over, it looks like the potential buyer wants the seller to agree that if the current contract terminates, the seller will go under contract with the buyer. Is this an offer? How should we handle this situation?


New Form Released: Overview of Standard Contract

The newest addition to the NC REALTORS® forms library is the Overview of Standard Contract Form (Form 780) and was written and designed to be consumer-friendly. NC REALTORS® may use this form as an aid in explaining some of the most important aspects of the Offer to Purchase and Contract (Form 2-T) to their clients, including the concepts of contract formation, earnest money deposit, due diligence fee, the due diligence process, and the closing process.

The Overview is now available at and has been delivered to NC REALTORS®’ forms software vendor for inclusion in the zipForms software program. Contact Leigh Morgan, NC REALTORS® Legal Assistant at 336-808-4235 or with any questions.


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If you don’t have a REAL ID by October 1, 2020, you may experience some delays at airports and will have to bring other secure forms of identification such as a US Passport. Make things easier by obtaining your REAL ID now. Call (919) 715–7000 to schedule your appointment with the DMV. Learn more >>


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