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With the Primary Elections almost behind us (runoffs coming soon), we can now set our sights on the 2020 legislative session and much more. 8 months separate us from the general election day (November 3) so buckle up.

What’s in this edition?

  1. What happens when “No Preference” wins a primary?
  2. Analyzing NC REALTORS® PAC election success
  3. No trash cans were harmed in this section…inside the world of political baseball
  4. REAL ID is all that it is cracked up to be
  5. 200 miles of coastline and a plan

Primary Night in North Carolina turned out to be important for numerous candidates

As a Super Tuesday participant for the first time, North Carolina was poised to be an important state in the overall election picture Tuesday night. While some of the results followed conventional wisdom, others defied it, placing candidates on an upward trajectory towards other contests (Presidential candidates) or just the November elections (everyone else). A few races will move to a runoff in May but that number was relatively small compared to the large number of multiple candidates contests this year (Check out Section 3 for more insight on runoffs).

You can check out a complete run-down of every election result in the state on the NC State Board of Election’s dashboard. [You can toggle between races by adjusting the County or Office tabs on the left-hand side of the page]

NC REALTORS® PAC supported candidates faired extremely well in their elections and we will take a deep dive into the data in Section 2.

One interesting result: In the Presidential primaries for both the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party, more voters chose “No Preference” than any of the candidates running for office. The Green Party was the only third party where an actual candidate won the majority of the votes cast.

When the dust settles, NC REALTORS® is on top

We even had a higher win percentage than Donald Trump

In each election, NC REALTORS® PAC supports candidates who support REALTOR® issues. Your investments make this support possible so the Trustees strive to be good stewards of the trust you place in them. Under the REALTOR® Party banner, we support candidates in a nonpartisan manner, looking at their stance on issues we care about, not their political affiliation. As one of the largest political action committees in the state, we have been successful in multiple election cycles, and this year is no different.

On Tuesday night, 97.7 percent of NC REALTORS® PAC-supported candidates at the state level moved on to the general election. This is a great achievement and one everyone should be proud of. Click below to see a race-by-race breakdown, including how the candidates supported by the North Carolina Property Rights Fund fared.


Can you run away from a runoff?

Inside baseball knowledge that has nothing to do with how to hit, catch, or throw

With Opening Day just a few weeks away, what better way to celebrate it than with some political inside baseball. All of the same fun of the game without the lingering questions about the sign-stealing scandal (sorry Astros and Red Sox fans). The question on everyone’s mind following heavily contested elections, including many Tuesday night, is what are runoff elections and why are they a thing?

North Carolina General Statute § 163-111 outlines the framework for how runoffs (called “second primaries” in the statute) are to occur and the determining factors. The key factor is that if no candidate achieves 30 percent of the vote cast in the election, then a runoff can be called. It is not a requirement though, as the statute requires that the next highest vote getter make the request.

Why 30%? According to the dean of North Carolina political knowledge, former Director of the Legislative Drafting Office at the General Assembly, Gerry Cohen, the threshold was initially set at 50% when primaries were enacted in 1917. The legislature decreased it to 40% in the 1990s before settling on 30% in 2017.

We will see which, if any races more to a primary. Right now, politicos are watching the US House of Representatives 11th District Republican primary, the Democratic Lieutenant Governor primary, and possibly some local races. If a runoff is called in the Congressional race, that would push it to May 12. If it is not, all other runoffs would take place on April 21.

Is your id REAL?

No, this is not a scam. Get your N.C. REAL ID today

Beginning October 1, the federal government will no longer consider standard driver licenses and ID cards as sufficient forms of identification to board commercial flights or enter secure federal facilities.

North Carolina residents will need a REAL ID, passport or other federally approved ID to fly within the U.S. and to access federal buildings and military bases.

For new residents, there is no extra cost for a REAL ID when you go to get a NC license/ID. They just need to bring one more document certifying your identity. For existing residents, if your license is expiring, no additional cost for a REAL ID. If it is not, you can get the REAL ID outside of the normal renewal process, for just $13.

Don’t wait. Get your N.C. REAL ID today! Click here to find a DMV office in your area. Visit for more information.



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