One of my client’s neighbors is complaining about a sign I placed near the corner of his lot.

Legal Q&A | What are the rules governing the placement of directional signs?

QUESTION: I have placed several directional signs so that people can find their way to an open house I have planned for this weekend. One of my client’s neighbors is complaining about a sign I placed near the corner of his lot. It is actually in the state right of way and not directly in front of his home. Nevertheless, he has asked my client to have the sign moved. My client wants the sign to remain. What should I do about this situation?



Statements on Racial Equality

We recognize that right now we are facing unprecedented challenges from a global pandemic to protests across the U.S. We stand with the people and organizations working to ensure racial equality. Please refer to statements from both NC REALTORS® and the North Carolina Real Estate Commission on this matter.


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