House Bill 1200 provides vital rental and mortgage assistance to tens of thousands of North Carolinians through allocating federal relief money for grants.

Every day, the need for REALTOR® advocacy grows. You are on the ground in communities across our state and now the challenges facing North Carolinians. Let your voices be heard! From our Call for Action to the 2020 Census, we need you to be engaged. Why? Because that’s who you “R”!

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SECTION 1: What happens when 3,000+ emails hit General Assembly inboxes?
SECTION 2: Woah Cowboy! It’s time for the Policy Roundup
SECTION 3: How can a 2-minute action impact the next 10 years?
SECTION 4: What is the State of Real Estate?
SECTION 5: Speaking of numbers, meet two more members of the GA Team
SECTION 6: At the end of a long week, how about a funny animal video?


What is 1,575 x 2?

3,150. That is roughly the number of emails that have hit the inboxes of every one of the 170 members of the General Assembly asking them to support House Bill 1200. First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has taken action!

And to those who haven’t, there’s still time. We need everyone’s voices to make sure legislators understand the importance of protecting housing opportunities throughout the state. As we are being advised to stay safer at home, access to housing should never be in question.

Legislators are returning to Raleigh next week to discuss additional COVID-19 relief and we want to make sure housing is at the top of their minds. House Bill 1200 provides vital rental and mortgage assistance to tens of thousands of North Carolinians through allocating federal relief money for grants.


A Quick Policy Round-up

Even socially distanced, a lot is going on!

With so much going on in government, we wanted to take a quick break from our normally-scheduled programming to give you some quick updates on different policy activities taking place around the state and country.

Cooper Announces $175 Million to Assist with Rental, Utility Payments for North Carolinians
On Tuesday, Governor Roy Cooper announced a $175 million program to provide individuals across the state with rental and utility payment support. These funds will be distributed to community organizations across the state. NC REALTORS® is gathering more information about this program and how the funds will be provided. We are also continuing our advocacy efforts for House Bill 1200 because it would be more expansive than this program.

State Board of Elections Launches New Website in Advance of 2020 Elections
The State Board of Elections launched a new and improved website to better inform North Carolinians about their options to register to vote and cast a ballot in 2020 and beyond. Check it out.

NFIP Set to Expire on September 30
Without Congressional reauthorization, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) will expire on September 30. NAR is continuing its advocacy efforts encouraging a long-term reauthorization of the program. In the meantime, they have put together an FAQ to help you understand what a potential program expiration could mean.

Stand up and be counted

Have you responded to the 2020 Census?

With less than one month remaining in the 2020 Census, WE NEED YOU TO RESPOND. North Carolina continues to be behind its past performance and that is a problem. Every decade, we are faced with the responsibility to participate in the decennial Census.

The data compiled by the Census drives A LOT of the decisions made by governments at ALL LEVELS for at a minimum the NEXT 10 YEARS!

Or more simply—RESPOND TO THE CENSUS!!


Have you seen who is speaking at this year’s State of Real Estate?

From data experts like Robert Dietz from NAHB and Jessica Lautz from NAR to thought leaders like Michael Stegman and Tiffany Manuel, we are looking at the state of North Carolina’s housing industry from every angle.

Registration is OPEN! Make plans to join us on Wednesday, September 23 and Thursday, September 24. Sign me up

Advocacy around North Carolina

NC REALTORS® Government Affairs…the 100-county quest

Continuing our trip around the state, we want to feature two more of NC REALTORS®’ awesome Government Affairs team. Let’s meet Local Government Affairs Directors Michael Butrum and Porter Graham.

Name: Michael Butrum
Title: Local Government Affairs Director
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Education: United States Army, University of Michigan, and Wayne State University
If you were not in Government Affairs, you would be… Retired
My favorite quarantine activity is…Reading, Watching Political Discourse shows
The last movie I saw was…The Irishman
My default Zoom background is…My basement walls with family photos and memorabilia

Name: Porter Graham
Title: Local Government Affairs Director
Hometown: Washington, DC
Education: The George Washington University
If you were not in Government Affairs, you would be…Rich
My favorite quarantine activity is…Eating Out
The last movie I saw was…Vertigo
My default Zoom background is… A retired John Boehner asleep in a recliner

We all need a laugh

Enjoy this hilarious video

While we previously focused on Politics and Cat Videos, we want to make sure we are remaining “nonpartisan” (we know not everyone is a cat person). So, with that in mind, we give you funny animal videos.


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