Even six feet apart, a lot is going on in NC REALTORS® Advocacy. Just because the General Assembly has adjourned sine die, our work has ramped up as we enter the meeting season. Learn more about can't miss events in the coming days and weeks and the importance of participating in the 2020 Census, and much more.

But before we do, please join the entire NC REALTORS® family in pausing to remember those who we lost nineteen years ago on September 11, 2001. That day shaped our country and world. We shall never forget!

News You Can Use

SECTION 1: What happens when 3,000+ emails hit General Assembly inboxes?
SECTION 2: What is the state of the 2020 elections?
SECTION 3: What is the State of Real Estate?
SECTION 4: Vote-Act-Invest
SECTION 6: Local Association Spotlight

As the lead author and editor of the Government Affairs Update, and now the REALTOR® Advocate for almost five years, I would like to take a moment of personal privilege to thank you! This will be my last issue in my seat, as I will be leaving NC REALTORS® in the coming weeks. Thank you to everyone who has read the content, sent in comments or suggestions, and taken action when asked. Together you have delivered some of the most significant wins for the Association in a generation, and there is still more on the horizon. The Advocate will live on, so make sure to keep reading. And always stay informed and engaged, looking out for issues that affect your clients, your business, and your industry.

Seth Palmer, Director of Regulatory Affairs and External Communications

Action from across the state noticed

General Assembly adjourns with work left to do

REALTOR® advocacy continues to pay dividends in the halls of the General Assembly.

Big picture: Thanks to action from across the state, more than 3,500 emails made it into inboxes at the General Assembly. And legislators listened. We heard from legislators in every corner of our state, thanking us for our advocacy on House Bill 1200 and housing's critical issue in this time of crisis. Your message of the importance of safe places resonated while health experts continue to advise the safety of staying at home.

Yes, but: Unfortunately, as the dust settled from the recent session, H1200 remained. The amount needed to support the legislation exceeded what was available for appropriation during the session due to other priorities. Legislators felt that Governor Cooper's actions in recent weeks to create a $94 million grant to support housing was sufficient at this time. The NC REALTORS® Lobbying Team continues to engage with legislators if additional federal monies are allocated to states. We recognize landlords, property managers, tenants, and homeowners all need support, and we have not given up the fight.

What happens when you bring a political junkie to a REALTOR® event?

Inquiring minds want to know

Unless you have been on a media blackout for the past few months, you are VERY aware of the current 2020 elections. Candidates have been on television, radio, in digital ads, and your mailbox for what seems like years. And guess what, we still have more than 50 days until November 3.

To help you better understand the state of the electoral landscape, we have an expert for you.

Join us on Tuesday, September 15, from 12:30-1:30 PM for the Legislative Forum during NC REALTORS® Business Meetings.

Our keynote speaker is none other than Ken Rudin, NPR's "Political Junkie." Ken Rudin is one of America's foremost experts in politics and campaign history. He focuses on all aspects of politics, from presidential elections — with the primaries, national conventions, debates, and general election — to the races for the House, Senate, and state governors. He has analyzed every congressional race in the nation since 1984. Full Bio.

Register for September Meetings


Check out our AWESOME speaker line-up!

Have you seen who is speaking at this year's State of Real Estate?

From data experts like Robert Dietz from NAHB and Jessica Lautz from NAR to thought leaders like Michael Stegman and Tiffany Manuel, we are looking at the state of North Carolina's housing industry from every angle.

Registration is OPEN! Please make plans to join us on Wednesday, September 23, and Thursday, September 24.


Advocacy is at the core of who REALTORS® "R"

Focused on its three pillars, VOTE, ACT, and INVEST, we make vital connections for members into the political processes on behalf of our clients, our business, and our industry.How? Check out examples of how you can participate in each of the three areas.

Advocacy around North Carolina

NC REALTORS® Government Affairs…the 100-county quest

Today we wrap-up our trip around the state. Let's meet the final (and most senior) members of our Field Team, Shared Government Affairs Directors Stephen Bradford and Katharine Wendt.

Name: Stephen Bradford
Title: Shared Government Affairs Director
Hometown: Wellington, FL
Education: B.S. Finance, Florida Atlantic University
If you were not in Government Affairs, you would be... A marine biologist or archeologist
My favorite quarantine activity is…apparently eating, but cooking is a close second
The last movie I saw was…She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. COVID has me breaking into the vintage VHS collection
My default Zoom background is...None. The part of my home office that is on camera is actually pretty neat.

Name: Katharine Wendt
Title: Grassroots Operations Director & Regional Government Affairs Director
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Education: Sweet Briar College
If you were not in Government Affairs, you would be…Trying to make it on the Great British Baking Show
My favorite quarantine activity is…Baking! Preferably things that involve chocolate.
The last movie I saw was…Ad Astra
My default Zoom background is…the blank wall behind my desk.

Local Association Spotlight: Greensboro Regional REALTORS®

In today's Local Association Spotlight, we feature the Greensboro Regional REALTORS® Association (GRRA). Earlier this year, GRRA utilized NAR's State and Local Growth Polling Program to assist the City of Greensboro Planning Department as it drafted its 20-year comprehensive plan. GRRA turned the survey results directly over to the City Planning Department, and the REALTORS® were eventually asked to provide comments on the initial draft of the comprehensive plan. Even in draft form, it was so aligned with the REALTORS®'' way of thinking, and committed to the Smart Growth values that Greensboro residents are embracing, that it looked like GRRA had had a hand in writing it, says Scarci. They advocated for its adoption ahead of the City Council vote in May and will continue to use the survey results as a multifaceted advocacy tool moving forward.

Learn more about GRRA's work. Great job!


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