Amidst a flurry of television ads, campaign visits and an overwhelming number of political campaign flyers, emails and texts, the presidential race is still not yet officially over. As this country stands politically divided, waking up post-election daywas met with a different atmosphere, one of uncertainty as no side could yet claim victory in the race for the White House. In North Carolina, however, the results of NC REALTORS® successful government affairs efforts are quite clear!

Our goal at NCR is to help our members identify candidates who are supportive of our industry or at least willing to have constructive conversations about our mission and issues. We use all of our resources to make strategic and informed decisions about who we support. These informed decisions resulted in greats wins for the real estate industry this election cycle!

NCR Election Results
Funding Means Results % Total Supported
NAR RPAC (federal results) 100% of funded candidates won All 12 supported US House candidates & 1 US Senate candidate won
NC REALTORS® PAC 100% of funded State Senate candidates won All 28 supported Senators won
NC REALTORS® PAC 93% of funded State House candidates won 57 of 61 supported Representatives won
NC Property Rights Fund 91.3% of funded candidates won 21 of 23 supported candidates won

Please note – local elections are still being determined. An update will be provided at a later time.

For a complete list of the election results tracked by NCR, please select this link:

NCR would like to personally thank all members who are engaged in our political efforts. We will continue to accomplish our legislative priorities through the strength of our government affairs initiatives. Our members are the anchor that supports our success. The foundation of NAR’s government affairs success includes the following:

  • NCR Members – Our strength starts with our members, your support equals success!
  • Government Affairs Team – NCR staff and lobbyists are committed to supporting our members and strengthening our industry.
  • NC REALTORS® PAC, NAR RPAC & NC Property Rights Fund – In order to support or defeat policy issues impactful to our industry, we need to support candidates who are supportive of our issues.

Again, many thanks to our members for helping us achieve political goals. If you haven’t made your 2020 NC REALTORS® PAC Investment, please consider making one so we can continue to have this success. Click here: Invest today!

If you have any questions about government affairs efforts, our programs, or if you want to learn more about how to get involved politically, please contact your NCR Local Government Affairs Director or Pam Melton, Director of Political & External Communications.


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