I will be taking a listing on a property next month that has a swimming pool. The owner plans on having it winterized soon . .

Legal Q&A | Who pays for de-winterizing and re-winterizing the pool?

QUESTION: I will be taking a listing on a property next month that has a swimming pool. The owner plans on having it winterized soon, which involves a fair amount of work, including lowering the water level, draining all the pipes and filling them with pool antifreeze, removing ladders and other non-permanent items, and putting on the pool cover. My question is, if we get the property under contract and the buyer wants to have the pool inspected, who is responsible for the cost of de-winterizing and re-winterizing the pool?


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For the third year in a row, NC REALTORS® Global Network has been awarded the NAR Platinum Achievement Award! The Platinum Achievement Award is presented to REALTOR® associations that provide the highest level of global services to its members by consistently providing them with the tools they need to handle international real estate and connect with the global community in the area. Learn more >>

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