In order to avoid delays in returning an earnest money deposit (the “EMD”) when a contract is terminated, I encourage my buyer clients to . . .

COVID-19 | Updates, Vaccines & Safety Reminders

The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to impact members in unprecedented ways. NC REALTORS® aims to empower members to successfully navigate their real estate businesses during these challenging and continually evolving circumstances. Please reference our Coronavirus information hub, for more information on current restrictions, vaccine information and our Real Estate Best Practices Guide. Remember, housing is essential, but so is safety. Do your part to follow all local, state and federal guidelines.


Legal Q&A | Can an offer include an additional earnest money deposit but no initial earnest money deposit?

QUESTION: In order to avoid delays in returning an earnest money deposit (the “EMD”) when a contract is terminated, I encourage my buyer clients to include an Additional EMD in their offers, but no Initial EMD. I also suggest that the payment of the Additional EMD be tied to the end of the Due Diligence Period Some brokers in my market have refused to accept those offers. They contend that a contract cannot have something designated as an Additional EMD if the contract does not also call for an Initial EMD. Are those brokers correct?



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Running into trouble with your Forms Software? Tell us about it

It is a goal of the NC REALTORS Forms Committee to communicate with NCR's forms software vendors to help ensure that their programs function correctly and efficiently. Please let us know of any difficulties you may be having with an NCR-approved forms software program, or any suggestions you may have for improvements to the functionality of a forms software program. Comments or concerns should be submitted to the following email address:


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