Breaking News: House Bill 196 Successfully Passes with HOPE Program Modifications

House bill 196, the COVID relief bill, that includes funding for rental assistance successfully passed the House and Senate this week and will be sent to Governor Cooper for his signature.

Strong advocacy efforts by NCR’s lobbying team led to modifications that should improve how the HOPE Program is administered.

While our issues are a high priority for us, state lawmakers have other COVID-related issues that have been at the forefront of their attention. Therefore, we are very happy to report that NCR’s advocacy team was able to successfully engage legislators on these important property management issues. Your advocacy team was able to negotiate the following significant changes to HB 196 and therefore the HOPE Program’s use of new Federal funding:

  • The program will cover the full amount of rent due on delinquent payments.
  • No eligible applicants will be excluded from the program.
  • Landlords will be allowed to apply on behalf of tenants.
  • A hotline will be established so that landlords and applicants needing help before or during the application process can have their questions and concerns answered.

Besides the relentless efforts of our lobbying team, REALTOR® advocates provided a much needed personal voice to this issue by meeting with legislators and through media engagement.

The passage of this legislation marks a significant achievement as this was one of NCR’s top legislative agenda items for the year. We do have one final step in the process, as the legislation is now awaiting approval of Governor Cooper. Please check future Advocates for updates. To access the allocated funding amounts in your area, please select the following link: HOPE Program Funding Eligibility.


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