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Legislative Update
Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act (UPHPA) Legislation HB 367
The Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act (UPHPA) helps preserve family wealth passed to the next generation in the form of real property. If a landowner dies without making a will, the real estate passes to the landowner’s heirs as tenants-in-common. Inheriting land in this manner could potentially leave any cotenant vulnerable by forcing a partition or dispossession of their land through forced sale. This is an issue that is primarily (but not exclusively) faced by middle to low income families who own real property. For many of these families, real estate is their single most valuable asset. View the complete summary here.

The NCR lobbying team is currently tracking over 140 bills.
Not all of these bills will advance but one bill of interest that is currently moving is HB 271 – Eminent Domain. This bill will amend the NC Constitution to prohibit condemnation of private property except for a public use, and to provide for the payment of just compensation with right of trial by jury in a condemnation cases. Currently, the law allows a taking for public use or public benefit. After the Supreme Court Kelo decision, there has been movement in many states to prevent takings from one private property owner to give to another private property owner. NC REALTORS® is supportive of this legislation as it supports our policy on this issue. We support eminent domain authority when the condemned property is taken for a public use to be owned by a public entity.

Field Advocacy Report 
Become the Ultimate Advocate
Want to take your advocacy efforts to the next level? If your answer is yes, join NCR’s GAD team for a two-day training event June 2-3. The sessions will cover local advocacy best practices and hot issues to running for office and building a campaign. Learn more

Short Term Rentals
Conversations and potential regulation on short term rentals (STR) are once again a hot topic locally. Western NC and Chapel Hill are exploring additional regulations on short term rentals. Why are STRs sometimes considered as negative? Local debate centers around the fact that STRs change the character of the community or they impact an already decreasing housing inventory. The reality is none of this is accurate. If you want to learn more about STR, please contact your local GAD.

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