I have a buyer client who is very interested in purchasing a small tract of land, but there’s a hitch: the property has a small graveyard located on it . . .

Legal Q&A | What are the rights and duties of an owner of land that has graves located on it?

QUESTION: I have a buyer client who is very interested in purchasing a small tract of land, but there’s a hitch: the property has a small graveyard located on it, fifteen headstones located in a corner of the property reasonably close to the main road. I don’t think the location of the graves would affect my client’s plans to build a home and install a septic system, but we do have a few questions: Is the owner of property with a family graveyard on it required to allow family members or others to visit the graves? Is the owner required to maintain the graves in any way? May the owner have the graves removed from the property?



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