Advocacy Efforts Result in Ending North Carolina’s Eviction Moratorium

Advocacy efforts from the NCR lobbying team and six NC Council of State members, led by efforts from Treasurer Dale Folwell, resulted in the NC eviction moratorium, Executive Order 206, ending June 30, 2021.

This is long awaited news and relief for NCR property managers and their landlord clients. The Federal CDC order remains in place until the end of July. This means that tenants cannot be evicted for nonpayment of rent if the cause of their inability to pay is due to Covid. However, the NC order was more extensive than the CDC order. It extended protections to more people and required landlords to actively solicit tenants to determine that their nonpayment of rent was COVID related by providing notice of the CDC and NC Orders.

This is certainly a difficult issue. However, one important story has been overlooked when discussing the issue of evictions. That is the fact that many landlords are small mom and pop businesses who are also struggling along with their tenants. In many cases you have tenants owing over a year of rent payments while the landlords still need to pay mortgages, insurance payments and upkeep expenses on their properties. Ending this order truly does get landlords a step closer to much needed rental relief.

It is important to remember that even though Gov. Cooper’s Order expired, the CDC Order still remains in place until the end of July. The CDC has recently announced that the order will not be extended past the July end date.

There is still financial assistance for rental payments available from the Hope Program to tenants experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID. This program is available to help struggling tenants regardless of whether or not an eviction moratorium is in place.

NCR recognizes that the pandemic has extensively impacted our property managers more than other members. While we were able to get the Governor to lift his initial moratorium last spring, the Federal decision in September to impose a national moratorium prevented any efforts for progress, particularly when the pandemic was still largely out of control. The recent decline of COVID numbers allowed us to push for removal of NC restrictions. We are very pleased that the NC restrictions have ended and grateful for the support of the COS members.


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