GAD Takeover of the Advocate
July 20, 2021

NCR is excited to launch the first edition of a new change to the Advocate. Once a month NCR Government Affairs Directors (GADs) will do a GAD Takeover of the Advocate! This new monthly feature will be solely focused on local policy, events and news. It will take a closer look at Local Association advocacy efforts and community engagement. Each GAD will provide a unique, personalized peek into their areas. The GAD Takeover offers a break from state legislative news and will take you on an advocacy trip around North Carolina, from the mountains to the coast and all areas in-between.

For additional information on any of the items below, please click on the GAD’s name that is associated with the content. Access the GAD map here.

Spotlight Article

Eastern Piedmont Triad: Genise Smith-Watkins, Shared GAD
City of High Point’s Human Relations Commission will host the first of four Housing Security Workshops; these workshops will explore the feasibility of High Point becoming a Fair Housing Assistance Program (FHAP). Read More

Featured Policy Issues

Coastal NC: Porter Graham, Shared & Regional GAD
The U.S. Department of the Interior (USDOI) has rescinded a 2019 interpretation of provisions in the Coastal Barrier Resources Act (CBRA) governing the permissibility of federal agencies’ expenditure of funds on the relocation of fill material from CBRA zones to stabilize shoreline outside the CBRA system. Read More

On April 6, US House staff provided NC REALTORS® preliminary information on the Risk Rating 2.0 National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) ratemaking overhaul, including definitive confirmation that the new methodology will be applied to new policies issued on and after October 1, 2021 and existing policies issued on and after April 1, 2022. Read More

Sandhills and Triangle: Stephen Bradford, Shared & Regional GAD

  • Chapel Hill recently passed Short Term Rental (STR) regulations. Orange Chatham Association of REALTORS® in cooperation with NC REALTORS®, the Vacation Rental Management Alliance and other groups of industry experts were able to reduce the impact of this ordinance, eliminating several onerous and legally questionably portions of the law. Chapel Hill also granted a sunset period for existing STRs not in compliance with the new rules and is collecting data to be used to reassess the ordinance before implementation.

High Country NC: Michael Cooper, Shared & Regional GAD

  • The High Country Association recently received two grants from NAR. A Smart Growth Level Two Grant for a Main Street Development Assessment for the Town of Newland, and a Housing Opportunity Grant to help fund upcoming Housing Needs Assessment for the High Country region. McDowell and Yancey-Mitchell are also using Smart Growth grants to fund Main Street projects.

Western Piedmont Triad: Emma Kate Sowder, Shared GAD

  • The Winston-Salem Regional Association of REALTORS® have been engaged in eviction diversion advocacy with multiple stakeholders from around the city and county. This has allowed us to gather information directly from the source and to be at the forefront of the eviction moratorium and rental assistance funding, which impacts NCR Property Management Division members.
  • The Winston-Salem Regional association of REALTORS® has been awarded a grant from the North Carolina Housing Foundation. This grant allows them to give dollars to the Center on Housing Opportunity, in recognition for their outstanding work in helping individuals in the Triad become home owners.
  • There was a successful implementation of the Inspector Salary increases, which we helped pass through the Winston-Salem City Council. Since the implementation of this program, the Department has not lost any inspectors, instead they have hired them from other municipalities.

Inner Coastal Plains: Katharine Wendt, Regional GAD

  • NC REALTORS® PAC is still looking for applicants from Region 4 for a three-year Trustee term. Are you looking for a leadership role and want to help your peers meet their RPAC goals? Apply today! Elections will be held at the NC REALTORS® Board of Directors meetings in October. The deadline for applications has been extended until the end of August. Application and duties of the Trustees can be found here.

South Central NC: Dalton Clark, Regional GAD

  • The Central Carolina Association of REALTORS® will be hosting their annual phone bank on September 2, 2021.
  • Union County Association of REALTORS® will be hosting a Heads or Tails event on Wednesday September 15th at their membership meeting.
  • As mask mandates start to rise again across the state, Charlotte has yet to release official word on an indoor mask mandate. Despite Mecklenburg Public Health officials asking county commissioners to approve a public health policy making the mandate official, no indoor mask mandate has been issued as of August 18.

Far West NC: Mike Butrum, Shared and Regional GAD

  • The Land of the Sky Association of REALTORS® (LOTSAR) has undertaken a partnership to study the frequency and impact of short term home rentals in the Asheville market. The Association was able to secure a $27,000 grant from the Issues Mobilization Committee to commission a formal study completed through a consultancy group. We are hopeful that the information and data produced will help convey the important role that short term home rentals serve in the real estate market, and the need for further protections in advocating for the rights of property owners. The study will be completed by the end of the summer, and we will use the data to advocate with the Asheville City Council and Buncombe County Commissioners on behalf of REALTORS® in the area.
  • LOTSAR is also invested in facilitating the appointment and election of REALTORS® to area government boards and commissions. The REALTOR® voice is most powerfully conveyed by REALTORS®, and what better way to advocate for your industry than to consider running for office. While some local elections have been delayed this year due to a delay in Census data, many localities are pressing on and were unaffected. If you are interested in running for office at some point in the future, reach out to your GAD for more information on how you can be a REALTOR® Champion!

Eastern Piedmont Triad: Genise Smith-Watkins, Shared GAD

  • High Point Regional Association of REALTORS® will host an event on October 12, 2021 from 5:30-9:00 pm, at the Colonial Country Club, Thomasville, NC. They will discuss the current landscape and climate of local issues for Trinity and Archdale communities. There will be a special focus on broadband and additional issues relevant to small communities. Participants are as follows:
    • Panel Moderator
      • Senator Dave Craven
    • Panelists
      • AT&T Broadband Specialist
      • Zeb Holden, Archdale City Manager
      • A Representative from Trinity City Government
      • Darrell Frye, Chairman, Randolph County Commission
      • David Allen, Vice-Chair, Randolph County Commission

Coastal NC: Porter Graham, Shared & Regional GAD

  • On August 11, 2021 HB 911, a regulatory reform bill, was sent to the Senate following its passage by the House. The bill contains a technical correction restoring a preemption on short-term rental bans to North Carolina code authorizing local land use regulation. Municipalities have exploited the statutory change to enact invasive short-term rental bans that deprive homeowners of income they apply to routine expenses like mortgages and groceries. It also threatens occupancy tax revenue critical for beach nourishment. The Town of Wrightsville Beach tabled discussion of a short-term rental ordinance in light of the House vote. However, last month, the City of Southport enacted the following regulations:
    • Disallowing short-term rentals not in existence at the time of enactment
    • Requiring permitting for short-term rentals in operation at the time of enactment
    • Voiding eligibility for permitted continuation of the use upon a 180-day discontinuity in short-term occupancy.
  • Because the City refused NCR requests to exempt owner occupancy from conditions constituting a discontinuity for purposes of administration of the 180-day provision, Southport will now enforce a maximum duration that short-term rental owners can spend in their own homes without losing the right to exercise a legal use under state law. If enacted, HB 911 would likely void the Southport ordinance. Stayed tuned to future updates for a status on the progression of the bill in the Senate.

Local Associations are a foundational and integral part of NCR’s advocacy efforts. NCR members are engaged with state and local lawmakers, and strong advocates for their communities. With the launch of this new feature of the Advocate, we encourage you to coordinate with your GADs to highlight all the work that’s being done in your areas whether it’s volunteerism, your efforts in protecting private property rights, or promoting issues important to the real estate industry.

If you have any comments or would like to provide suggestions for future content, please contact Troi Bachmann or your GAD.


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