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May 20, 2022

Primary Election Update

The collective strength of REALTORS® in NC continues to help influence and shape election outcomes. This was evident as NC REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) supported candidates won big during this week’s primary election with 91.9% winning their primary election bid!

We are a non-partisan player in elections, supporting REALTOR® Champions without regard to party. That support went to 102 primary election candidates from both political parties. While many organizations focus their political support on the majority party, RPAC reaches across the aisle and considers many factors when selecting candidates to support.

The RPAC Trustees make all candidate decisions based on established guidelines and detailed discussions with the NCR’s lobbying team. Leadership from the majority and minority parties receive support, local associations provide recommendations, REALTOR® candidates, and REALTOR® champions are also part of an extensive criteria list that guides Trustees in making informed decisions.

For a complete list of RPAC supported candidates, click here.

State Senate & House Election Update
This primary election had several state Senate candidates in double-bunked or highly competitive races. Senate District 1 had incumbent Senators Norm Sanderson and Bob Steinburg vying to hold on to their seat. Senator Sanderson bested Steinburg with 55.5% of the vote. Another high profile double-bunked Senate seat led to Sen. Ralph Hise winning District 47 against Sen. Deanna Ballard.

District 19 was another race to watch as Governor Roy Cooper endorsed a challenger pitted against the Democrat incumbent Senator Kirk deViere, who worked with Republicans on budget negotiations. Senator deViere lost his primary election bid to former Fayetteville City Council Member Val Applewhite who received 56.29% of the votes.

The state House also had two double-bunked districts. District 52 pitted incumbent Representatives Jamie Boles and Ben Moss. Representative Moss was able to hold on to his seat by receiving 53.4% of the votes.

Representative Jake Johnson bested Rep. David Rogers in District 113 with a solid 65% of the votes. Long-term House member Rep. Pat Hurley lost her election bid to challenger and Randolph County School Board member Brian Briggs. Briggs received 52.3% of the District 70 votes.

Congressional Update
Perhaps the most anticipated races to watch were at the Congressional level. Of the most anticipated races was the race between embattled incumbent Congressman Madison Cawthorn and state Senator Chuck Edwards. Senator Edwards defeated Cawthorn with 33.4% of the votes in District 11. NAR, at the request of NC RPAC Trustees, successfully supported NC Senator Chuck Edwards in his upset win over Congressman Cawthorn.

The Battle for the U.S. Senate led to highly expensive and competitive races on both sides of the aisle. In the end, former NC Chief Justice Cheri Beasley handedly beat her Democrat challengers with 81.1% of the votes. On the Republican side, the highly anticipated race between Congressman Ted Budd and former Gov. Pat McCrory resulted in a solid win for Congressman Budd who received 58.6% of the votes.

For a complete list of election results, please access the State Board of Elections Primary Elections Results.

Property Rights Fund
While the NC REALTORS® Political Action Committee is a vital part of NCR’s Government Affairs Foundation, the NC Property Rights Fund (PRF) is a REALTOR® affiliated organization which supports electoral candidates with independent expenditures on behalf of property owners throughout North Carolina. To learn more, click here.


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