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November 11, 2022

North Carolina Election Recap
The election results in NC went almost as expected. Republicans were hoping to get a supermajority in both Chambers. A supermajority would easily give the Republicans the power to overturn any vetoes from Gov. Cooper. While that did not happen, they will enjoy a supermajority in the Senate, as 30 of the 50 seats are now Republican.

Some of the more high profile state races were in the Senate. Former House member and newly appointed Senator Bobby Hanig bested Democrat Valerie Jordan by receiving 52.55% of the votes. Another closely watched race was between incumbent Republican Sen. Michael Lee and Democrat Marcia Morgan. Senator Lee held on to his seat with over 51% of the votes.

On the House side, efforts to unseat House Minority Leader Rep. Robert Reives proved unsuccessful; he kept his seat by winning over 55% of the votes. While Republicans in the House did not get a supermajority, they came close by adding two additional seats. Therefore, they now hold 71 of the 120 House seats, just one away from supermajority.

Did any incumbents lose?
Yes, incumbent Sen. Toby Fitch lost his reelection bid to former State Sen. Buck Newton. The following seven House members were defeated: Rep. Brian Farkas (D-Pitt), Rep. James Galliard (D-Nash), Rep. Larry Yarborough (R-Person), Rep. Howard Hunter III (D-Hertford), Rep. Terry Garrison (D-Vance), Rep. Linda Cooper-Suggs (D-Wilson) and Rep. Ricky Hurtado (D-Alamance).

Was election night a good night for REALTOR® candidates?
Yes, it was a good night for REALTOR® candidates. Unfortunately, we did lose one REALTOR® legislator. Rep. Terry Garrison lost to Republican Frank Sossamon. Representative Garrison will be missed; he was a REALTOR® champion and a great advocate within the Democrat Caucus. The race that appeared to be the most vulnerable for the incumbent was in District 98 between Republican Rep. John Bradford and Democrat Christy Clark. In the end, NC REALTOR® Rep. Bradford defeated Clark with over 51% of the votes. While not an incumbent, former House member and REALTOR® Bill Brawley lost his race to Democrat Laura Budd.

What does North Carolina’s new Congressional Delegation look like?
The federal race to watch on election night, not just in NC but nationally, was the race between Republican Congressman Ted Budd and former NC Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley. They were vying for the US Senate seat held by retiring Sen. Richard Burr. In the end, Congressman Budd defeated Beasley by receiving 50.71% of the votes. On the US House side, NC will have five new members, all of which are current NC State Senators.

Chart of US House Winners - * denotes incumbent




Don Davis (D)


*Deborah Ross (D)


*Greg Murphy (R)


Valerie Foushee (D)


*Virginia Foxx (R)


*Kathy Manning (D)


*David Rouzer (R)


*Dan Bishop (R)


*Richard Hudson (R)


*Patrick McHenry (R)


Chuck Edwards (R)


*Alma Adams (D)


Wiley Nickel (D)


Jeff Jackson (D)

How did RPAC Supported Candidates Stack Up?
NC REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) helps elect real estate-friendly candidates to public office. RPAC supports candidates who understand and champion the interests of NC REALTORS®, regardless of their political affiliation. The power of REALTORS® was on display as 93.6% of RPAC funded state candidates won. For a list of state supported candidate, click here. On the federal level 100% of RPAC funded candidates had successful election bids.

As REALTORS®, you are the foundation of NC REALTORS® political power and the reason why we are able to support so many state and federal political advocates. Thank you for your continued support of RPAC and for being actively engaged in the political process!

Property Rights Fund
The NC REALTORS® PAC Trustees are now accepting applications from interested persons that wish to serve on the NC Property Rights Fund, Inc. as an at-large director for a one-year term. It has been the practice of the NC REALTORS® PAC Trustees to select nominees based on "political acumen," meaning the person shall be defined as having substantial and varied political experience in the form of prior service within the REALTOR® organization as an NC REALTORS® PAC Trustee, a Federal Political Coordinator, Legislative Committee member or statewide leadership. Additional qualifications can include demonstrated support of NC REALTORS® PAC as a significant contributor, involvement and/or service on a political campaign as either a candidate or a volunteer, or service on a government board or commission. Apply now >>

For more information, please email Nick Scarci.

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