Only a few days before closing, my clients learned that the seller had removed a beautiful built-in, cabinet front refrigerator and . . .

Legal Q&A | What are the buyer's options when the seller removes a broken built-in appliance?

QUESTION: Only a few days before closing, my clients learned that the seller had removed a beautiful built-in, cabinet-front refrigerator and replaced it with what looks to be a used, freestanding stainless-steel model of significantly less value. When I asked the listing agent about the replacement, I was informed that the refrigerator had died, and the seller replaced it with one that could fill the opening. The refrigerator was not listed anywhere in the purchase agreement, and I'm unsure if that was a mistake. My clients felt the built-in refrigerator brought the whole kitchen together and have learned that a replacement will cost as much as $15,000. With closing only a few days away, what can we do?


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